Tips For Applying Liquid Farm Fertilisers Correctly

Are you a farmer and are looking for ways to increase production on your farm? Well, a simple change in how you fertilize your crops can contribute greatly on the kind of yield you get. If you have been using solid fertilizers on your farm, you should try using liquid farm fertilisers. Unlike the solid fertilizers that have to take days to be absorbed by the plants, the liquid fertilisers will be absorbed immediately or a few minutes after they are applied. You can apply them after every two to four weeks to speed up the growth of your plants or just make them healthier.

While liquid farm fertilisers are very useful, it is imperative that you apply them correctly if you want to enjoy the benefits that they bring. When applying them, always follow the label instructions. Do not apply more than you are supposed to because they may end up having a negative impact on your plants. The amount you are supposed to apply may differ depending on the plants that you are applying the liquid fertilisers on. For instance, the amount you will apply on tomatoes may not be the same that you apply on trees.

To get the best coverage when applying the liquid farm fertilisers, you should know the best method to use. If you are applying the fertitlizers on a large lawn for instance, a lawn sprayer may be the best method to use. If your garden is not very large, you can use a watering can. A backpack sprayer will be the ideal method to use for applying the fertilisers on a large garden where a watering can will not be the best choice. The only drawback with this method is that the backpack sprayer can get too heavy to carry for a long time.

Another thing you need to do to apply the liquid farm fertilisers correctly is to check their pH. There are those that are slightly acidic and others that are very concentrated. You need to make sure that the pH of the fertilisers you will choose is suitable for the specific type of crop that you are applying on. If you choose fertilisers whose pH is not suitable for your crops, you will be doing more harm than good to the crops. Instead of becoming healthier and giving you great yields, the crops may start withering or drying and leave you with disappointments.

When applying the liquid farm fertilisers, make sure that you spray until the liquid drips of the leaves of the plants. That way, you can be sure that the fertiliser is getting into the stomata or cuticle of the leaves to be absorbed. If possible, get a spray mister that produces the finest mist possible if you want to get the best results. Another thing you should do to get effective results with liquid fertilisers is to spray very early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not too hot. This will minimize evaporation.

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